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About MRC

In 2017 the MRRA committee considered applying to use the neighbourhood planning initiative, but was not prepared to amend its constitution so that it satisfied the statutory regulations.

It requested that a separate appropriate qualifying body be established to submit an application on behalf of residents and appointed resident Andrew Watson to oversee the task.

In order to access the neighbourhood planning initiative in areas where there is no parish or town council, a community needs to establish a neighbourhood forum.

Malden Rushett Community (MRC) is the prospective neighbourhood forum for Malden Rushett.

MRC has been set up to undertake a task that cannot be done by the Malden Rushett Residents Association:

  • to write planning policies for the village that will be used to assess future planning applications.
If you live or work in Malden Rushett and would like to assist the steering group with the application, please get in touch.

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