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Organisational Driver

A driver is a person’s or a group’s motive for responding to a specific situation. A driver is considered an organisational driver if responding to it would help the organisation generate value, eliminate waste or avoid unintended consequences.


A group of people collaborating toward a shared driver (or objective). Often an organisation subdivides into several teams.

Operations Backlog

A visible list of (typically prioritised) uncompleted work items (deliverables).


Doing the work and organising day-to-day activities within the constraints defined through governance.

Open Team

A group of people who are invited to contribute to the work and governance done in a domain when they can.


A (specific) result that a person or team or organisation wants to achieve; an aim or a goal.


An argument – relating to a proposal, agreement, activity or the existing state of affairs – that reveals consequences or risks you’d rather avoid, or demonstrates worthwhile ways to improve.