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A domain that fully contains another domain.


A subdriver arises as a consequence of responding to another driver (the superdriver) and is essential for effectively responding to the superdriver.


A domain that is fully contained within another domain.


A high level approach for how people will create value to successfully account for a domain.


An approach for organising together where people affected by decisions can influence them on the basis of reasons to do so.

Social Technology

Social technology is any process, technique, method, skill or any other approach that people can use to influence social systems — organisations, societies, communities etc. — to support achieving shared objectives and guide meaningful interaction and exchange.


The autonomy of people to decide for themselves how to create value, limited by the constraints of their domain, and by objections brought by the delegator, representatives, or others.


Any activity or process through which people organise work. Self-organisation happens within the constraints of a domain, but without the direct influence of external agents. In any organisation or team, self-organisation co-exists with external influence (e.g. external objections or governance decisions that affect the domain).