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The Neighbourhood Plan will be prepared by four teams made up from members of the community.
If you would like to contribute, take a look at the Team descriptions below and sign up with the team that interests you the most.
You can sign up to as many teams as you wish!


The Admin Team

• ensures that the activities of MRC are fully compliant with all appropriate legislation

• devises and maintains a schedule to deliver a completed Neighbourhood Plan within the permitted timeframe

• promotes the purpose and activities of MRC to all residents and businesses in the Neighbourhood Area

• conducts negotiations on behalf of the community with the RBK Planning Office to secure the optimum outcome for the village in the emerging Local Plan

This team oversees the whole project.

If you possess administrative or organisational skills your input would be most welcome.

It is the Admin Team who steers the ship, ensuring that we progress through Locality’s roadmap efficiently and effectively.


The Comms Team

• ensures there is extensive consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan among those eligible to be Members of the Forum

• operates an open and transparent communications policy that enables the whole community to fully engage in the process

• administers all surveys and voting in a manner that encourages Members to participate

This team is responsible for engaging with the community. It will conduct consultations and provide members with all the information they need to make informed decisions.

We’re looking for people to run our social media, maintain the website and design, prepare and deliver leaflets.

If you have any skills relevant to the above tasks, this is the team for you.

Research and Development

The R&D Team

• collate and analyse data required for the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan

• where possible identify a range of solutions to address any issues raised by the community

• write policies to reflect the views of the community

• ensure that all its policies are compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Plan and RBK's Local Plan.

This team is responsible for researching the planning rules and assessing data gathered from consultations in order to identify options that best deliver solutions.

If you’re a critical thinker or a problem solver, your skills will be much appreciated on this team.

The team is also responsible for compiling the final Neighbourhood Plan.


The Tech Team

• maintains the software stack on our digital platform to ensure it provides members with the user experience they expect

• seeks solutions to improve our processes by further automating our workflow

• assists members should they experience technical difficulties

This team is responsible for all the technical wizardry that enables us to manage the project efficiently.

If you’re technically minded, your skills will be much appreciated on this team.

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Everyone who lives or works in Malden Rushett can take part in the preparation of our Neighbourhood Plan.

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