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Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to have a say in the future of the places where they live and work.

It gives communities the power to produce a plan with real legal weight that directs development in their local area.

Communities can now

How do we get a Neighbourhood Plan?

To write a Neighbourhood Plan communities need to:

Communities need to upgrade their existing residents associations or to establish a separate Neighbourhood Planning group if they wish to write a Neighbourhood Plan

In January 2017 the Malden Rushett Residents Association committee opted to establish a separate Neighbourhood Planning group for Malden Rushett.

This would ensure that residents had full access to the new planning rules when RBK wrote its new Local Plan.

Malden Rushett Community (MRC) is that group.

What is a Neighbourhood Planning group?

A Neighbourhood Planning group is a new type of community group for writing local planning policies

Open to everyone who lives or works in the area

All members have an equal say

MRC will be using Locality’s Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap and advised processes.

We will begin with an open consultation so that every voice in the community is heard.

We will then use proven models of community engagement to establish a set of community objectives.

Our Neighbourhood Area

A Neighbourhood Area is the geographical boundary within which a Neighbourhood Plan, including all its policies, will apply.

RBK has designated a Neighbourhood Area for Malden Rushett.

This will enable the community to determine how developers should interpret the new RBK Local Plan in Malden Rushett.

All future development within the red boundary will be subject to planning policies written by the community.

Malden Rushett Neighbourhood Area
The Malden Rushett Neighbourhood Area

What will we be doing?


Focus groups

During 2023 MRC will hold a series of focus groups for members to discuss issues of concern


A series of roundtable meetings will be held for members to explore options and identify solutions


Preferred solutions will be presented to members for deliberation and selection

How do I get involved?

To write a robust Neighbourhood Plan we need your help.

Whether it's voting on options, putting forward ideas or rolling up your sleeves to help find a solution to a particular issue, your contribution will help us produce a plan that truly represents the views of the whole community.​