New sanctions: can they be avoided?

The impact of the new Housing Delivery Test could be devastating on Malden Rushett.

The impact of the new Housing Delivery Test could be devastating on Malden Rushett.

If RBK fails to build enough new homes in the future, we will be unable to prevent planning applications in the village that we consider to be inappropriate.

  • The red line shows how many homes RBK needs to build to avoid this.
  • The yellow line offers a lower threshold for communities that write a Neighbourhood Plan.
  • The dark blocks show homes built (RBK is building an average of 500 new homes a year) the light blocks project that average over future years.

The results of the test are published each November – RBK is on course to pass in 2020 and 2021. I’d hazard a guess that most of you want to prevent developers building on Green Belt land in and around the village?

To achieve that we need to complete a Neighbourhood Plan by November 2022 so that the yellow line’s lower threshold is applicable in the village.

The content of the plan will be determined by extensive community consultation.

Register to have your say

To take advantage of these new planning rules communities are required to set up a Neighbourhood Forum as Residents Associations are not permitted to write Neighbourhood Plans.

In January 2017 the MRRA Committee voted to set up a separate body, rather than to modify its own constitution to become a Neighbourhood Forum.

MRC is the Neighbourhood Forum that will write the plan for Malden Rushett.

If you live or work in the village, you are entitled to take part in deciding the contents of the plan.

There is no membership fee, to have your say, simply register on the website.

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