Rushett Stables Appeal – FAQ

Do you have any questions about the Rushett Stables appeal?

The Planning Inspectorate is holding an appeal to consider RBK’s decision to refuse planning permission for Rushett Stables. Representations need to be made by 5th June 2020.

Do you have any questions about this appeal?

  • Is it important to you that we win this appeal?
  • Should we support the application?

About this appeal

There has – in March 2017.

That appeal, however, was to consider RBK’s refusal to grant permission for an application made in 2016.

This appeal is to consider a fresh application made in 2019.

In essence, it is. But there are two significant factors that make it different:

  • there is new evidence available
  • the planning rules have changed since the last appeal

The appeal will be determined on the basis of a hearing attended by RBK, the Appellant and interested parties.

The time to process appeals has been affected due to site visits and physical hearings being postponed during March, April and part of May 2020 as part of the measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The Inspectorate has brought forward plans to hold hearings as Digital Events. Following the success of the first trial case on 11th May these will be increased over the coming months.

The “normal” timetable would require the hearing to be held by the middle of July, however, it is possible this could be delayed.

An assessment of the evidence and our options can be found here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comments box below.

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