Rushett Stables appeal


Demolition of stable building and change of use of land to a private Gypsy and Traveller caravan site, consisting of one mobile home and associated development.

Many residents will be disappointed with the Inspector's decision to allow the Rushett Stables appeal. Many will also be baffled as to how he concluded the proposal was not inappropriate development for the Green Belt.

Why was the appeal allowed?

The 2017 proposal was for the addition of a mobile home to the site.

The 2022 proposal was for the demolition of the existing lawful buildings and replacing them with a mobile home.

The 2017 proposal was assessed against NPPF(2012).

The 2022 proposal was assessed against NPPF(2021).

The National Planning Policy Framework was revised in 2018. A small but significant change was made to the paragraphs that outline when a development can be considered to be appropriate in the green belt.

The Inspector was not presented with any “persuasive or clear evidence that demonstrated that the criterion would exclude the change of use of land for a caravan site from consideration under paragraph 150(e)”.

Note: Residents can clarify how paragraphs 149 and 150 should be interpreted by writing a neighbourhood plan.

For the 2017 appeal RBK’s unmet need for travellers sites was determined to be 11 pitches.

Since that appeal a fresh assessment has been made – RBK’s unmet need has now been determined to be 44 pitches, with 30 required by 2023.

RBK has made no progress identifying suitable sites since the last appeal.

Planning Policy for Travellers Sites states that travellers sites in the green belt are inappropriate development unless it is in the best interests of the children.

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RBK Officer’s Report

Design and Access Statement

Inspector’s Report 2017

Inspector’s Report 2022

Notes from Appeal Hearing held on 5th July 2022

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