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Malden Rushett Community

Preliminary consultation

Malden Rushett Neighbourhood Area

Would you support or oppose establishing a Neighbourhood Area for Malden Rushett?

Communities can now write their own planning policies that are used to assess future planning applications in their Neighbourhood Area.

National planning practice guidance states that;
  • village or settlement boundaries and the physical appearance or characteristics of the neighbourhood should be considerations when deciding the boundaries of a Neighbourhood Area.
  • natural boundaries of physical features and infrastructure, such as a major road, railway or waterway be used as considerations.

The boundary for Malden Rushett, as defined in section 22 of the Borough Character Study dated January 2011, was used as a starting point for identifying the proposed Neighbourhood Area.

Part of its northern boundary, however, passes through Chessington World of Adventures, separating the south car park from the main site. It was therefore decided to exclude the Chessington World of Adventures south car park, Sixty Acre Wood and the land associated with Barwell Court Farm from the proposed Neighbourhood Area.
  • The north-western border is the boundary between Chessington World of Adventures South Car Park and Jubilee Wood, Chessington Garden Centre and the Leatherhead Road;

  • The north-eastern border is the footpath through Chessington Wood to and including Rushett Lane;

  • The southern, eastern and western borders are the administrative boundaries between RBK and SCC.

Writing a Neighbourhood Plan enables communities to shape the future development of the area and to ensure that developers only submit planning applications that the community considers to be appropriate.​

Would you support or oppose establishing a Neighbourhood Area for Malden Rushett?

What would you like the plan to cover?