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RBK Local Plan consultation

What should Kingston look like in 20 years’ time? RBK is in the process of creating a new Local Plan for Kingston. The new plan will set the vision and policies for the future and guide what development goes where, from homes and workplaces to schools, medical centres, parks and much more, while protecting and enhancing the borough's heritage and natural environment.

Take part in RBK's consultation for a new Local Plan

RBK is currently preparing a new local development plan which will set out a 20 year vision for the future of the borough and guide what development goes where, including homes, schools, infrastructure and transport links.

This is the first time that RBK has written such a plan since a new planning system was introduced in 2012.

RBK is currently running the regulation 18 statutory consultation to gather its residents’ views.

Have your say in this important consultation by clicking the link below.

RBK Local Plan

Consultation closes: 30th September 2021